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When I see people out

by Susan ,

When I see people out walking with dogs I often see these wonderful beings looking up at them. Many of the people are looking down…..at their phones. It may be easy to slip into an “agenda” for your walk together of “multitasking or “getting it done.” What if you made the decision to bring your […]

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The Gifts of the Frogs

by Susan ,

When I was a teenager I was running through a yard and stepped full weight on a frog. It crushed him and I was heartbroken. I never forgot it; I tried to tuck it away somewhere to avoid the grief. Although I knew I hadn’t intentionally killed him the door was closing to a part […]

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The Magnificent Owl

by Susan ,

Sophie the Dog knew the owl was there of course. She had led me there on her leash and I hadn’t thought there was anything unusual because that cul de sac was part of our everyday walk together. I looked down and she was there in all of her exquisite beauty; this magnificent barred owl […]

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Open Hearts Animal Communication

Susan Clark has had a strong connection with animals since childhood. Over the last 25 years she has deepened that connection through spiritual practices such as meditation and Reiki. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2012. Some of the people whose spiritual teachings have influenced her deeply are Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sharon Callahan and Will Tuttle. She has experienced many animals as life and end of life guides, master teachers, meditation practice partners and beautiful examples of living in the moment. Susan describes animal communication as a kind of unity of calm mind, open heart and spiritual presence in life and death.


Animal communication sessions approximately one hour. All sessions are by phone. Please call or email Susan to schedule an appointment before payment.

* Open Hearts Animal Communication is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care.



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