The Magnificent Owl

by Susan
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Sophie the Dog knew the owl was there of course. She had led me there on her leash and I hadn’t thought there was anything unusual because that cul de sac was part of our everyday walk together. I looked down and she was there in all of her exquisite beauty; this magnificent barred owl on her back in the stillness after her transition into spirit. Her body was pristine. It looked like her death had happened very recently while at the same time it seemed we were in a realm beyond time…..her intricate and delicately painted feathers…the brilliant bright yellow of her beak and feet…her elegant face…the soulful eyes gazing at me and on into the Infinite. She was radiant in form and spirit: in life and death. Her majestic presence pierced my heart and took my breath away. I thanked Sophie, we went home and I knew what I would do to celebrate the Owl’s life. I went back with a shovel to bury the beautiful body of this glorious spirit where she had dropped. As I quieted my mind I realized she was guiding me to choose a spot in the wooded area next to our house. I placed her gently in the hole and laid evergreen boughs over the spot. I thanked her for the gift of being able to care for and honor her body. I thanked her for gracing the planet and blessing us with her wisdom and beauty. That night I heard the single call of an owl and I knew it was her mate. My heart was broken open in grief, joy and love. I grieved with her mate for the loss of her beauty and companionship in physical form .I sensed her mate was also thanking me. I treasure these connections with animals to their collective symbolism as a species. Owl: Able to view many perspectives ( their heads have an almost 360 degree mobility) both physically and spiritually even while focused within. They can be a wakeup call to open our eyes and look within and without. I also treasure the individual connections I’ve experienced. The magnificent owl allowed me to have a deeper understanding that I can have reverence for the body in life and death while knowing it is a part of a much bigger picture.

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