The Gifts of the Frogs

by Susan
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When I was a teenager I was running through a yard and stepped full weight on a frog. It crushed him and I was heartbroken. I never forgot it; I tried to tuck it away somewhere to avoid the grief. Although I knew I hadn’t intentionally killed him the door was closing to a part of my spirit that had been shutting down. I would ignore the inherent gift of spiritual connection through animals and walk a path of numbing out and turning away for the next 18 years. In 1985 I experienced a spiritual wakeup call and in 1989 a force of nature named Mr. Kitty renewed and completely transformed my connection to animals. I’d loved being near ponds with lily pads and creek beds with shallow water because frogs and toads might be there. When we moved to the mountains in 1992 I was thrilled to hear the Frog Symphony that first spring and summer and looked forward to it every year. It was a harmonic celebration of creation. Tiny frogs would visit our cabin. They could fit easily under the kitchen door. They would often rest on the rim of Mr. Kitty’s water bowl. We were all fascinated by them including Mr. Kitty. I put a bowl of water out on the railing for them with a rock in it for resting and meditating. I loved to spend time with them on warm nights. They allowed me to come very close and sit with them. After a time the allowing changed to inviting me to be with them. Sometimes one would hop into my hand and we would be still together. Mr. Kitty held conferences with them where information and secrets of the earth and water were shared. They honored each others’ existence.In 2004, not long after Mr. Kitty had left his cat body, Tom and I were sitting in the living room with grief and gratitude filling our hearts. We both saw the frog at the same time. A full sized frog with iridescent jewels overlaying his body; shimmering and gloriously luminous…..we both experienced this special visit as a vivid message that Mr. Kitty was reveling in spirit and was joining his frog friends. Today I keep the clay Toad House out in the backyard with a bowl of water inside to offer them shade, moisture and a little spot to just be. Frogs and toads collectively symbolize adaptability, transformation and ease of transitions as well as harbingers of the health of the planet. I’ve personally also experienced them as powerful healers, divine messengers and a joyful chorus. I’m deeply grateful to the Frogs!

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